Northeast Wisconsin Area of Narcotics Anonymous

The Symbol

When we first started on the project of updating our website, we thought that the area symbol would be great highlight to focus on. I personally had no knowledge of what the symbol’s meaning could be and was curious to find out. Excited to take on this task, I set out with determination like that of Indiana Jones. Visions of the hunt filled my mind. I was sure to find meaning that would have been like to touch the monolith in “2001 Space Odyssey”.


Now let us look at the parts of out symbol. At the base of our symbol is the Narcotics Anonymous symbol. This portion of our area symbol is explained in our basic text on page ix. In the center a tree whose branches are bent and showing the roots. There seems, to me, a rock escarpment or mountain appearing behind the tree and the rest is ground.


Now it is in the center of the symbol who’s code I was to crack! Knowing that there are multiple members who’s recovery extends past a decade, I was sure to find my “Yoda” to sit by and be taught the meaning of the North East Wisconsin Area of Narcotics Anonymous symbol. The only question left in my mind, who was to be my Mr Miyagi?


As the quest went on I found out to start that a few years ago there was a contest to create a logo for our area. This seemed to say ripe info was fresh to be plucked from the minds of our members and I was ready to fill my bucket. The contest was originally to last three months. By the end, it had taken an year to decide. Now I thought to myself “self this has to be good!”. I was sure I was to catch my fly like Danialson in “Karate Kid”. Brimming with confidence that I would find my answer I ask, my source,a respected member of our fellowship “What is the meaning behind the area symbol?”. He began to tell me about the contest, its time lapse, confirming my previous sources. Now I was at the dawn of what I had searched for. With the anticipation like Dr Frankenstein before screaming “its alive” I was delivered my answer…. “ and the coolest drawing won!” What?, I thought to myself, No meaning, Had I been chasing a “Bigfoot”?


Perhaps my answer was given to me at the beginning. The idea that it was a contest of art. That it should have been no shock to me that “it is what it is” art. Like all art, it has different meanings to different beholders. Today, after this experience, I have my own interpretation of it. Whats yours?


Your trusted servant,